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Scinan was founded in 2017. Focused on the development of software whose goal is to make tens of thousands of scientific results accessible and understandable through knowledge graphs.

The inspiration for doing so came from the founders’ experiences in the field of medical research and new technologies in computer science.

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Other tools are just simple database compilers, bibliography compilers. With Scinan, we have more than just a compilation, we have a mapping, we can travel through this mapping. We can immediately identify the major actors and then identify the fields in which we have less interactions and therefore less innovation. And this is where we’re going to position our students.

Olivier Girinsky

Innovation Project Manager at ECE Paris


Stéphanie Le Marec, Head of student projects, and Olivier Girinsky, Head of student projects and VPE program at ECE Paris/Lyon talk about the benefits of the Scinan tool and its deployment to 1900 engineering students.


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