With the help of Scinan, change your habits and explore science with knowledge graphs. A new approach: it has never been easier to make a state of the art.

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The Scinan solution is a graphical browser, that offers a new knowledge exploration of a descriptive and flexible knowledge database, tailored precisely for each case.

Our mission is to reduce the risks of failure in R&D experiments while systematizing serendipity. We provide you with an algorithm to determine emerging research areas in order to give you a head start for your next research.

Scinan helps you Explore and make Discoveries in the fields of Science.

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Explore thematics and their network of connections. Examples of trending thematics present in our graphs: blockchain, regenerative medicine, sustainability, biodiversity, transport of the future, etc.

Novel forms of human

Synthetic organic chemistry

Electric taxiing

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With Scinan, you create your own bibliographies in just a few clicks, you use keyword search and associated themes and you create logical filters for your data extraction.

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